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Listening clearly

to the challenge you face.

Sensible solutions that meet the need.

Guiding Principles

I have worked with a wide range of technologies, in many types of business, ranging from the Fortune 50 companies to mom and pop shops. In all the years that I have worked between users and their technology, I have been guided by a few fundamental ideas.

Listen first. If you cannot hear the users, your solution will not address their needs. Listening actively, and guiding the conversation away from technical details, to a clear statement of what the user needs, is the only road to a sensible solution.
Set expectations appropriately. If you cannot explain to the users, in non-technical language, what they should expect from the solution you will provide, they cannot know what to expect. Before embarking on a quest to solve their problem make sure the problem is clearly stated and the proposed solution clearly understood.
No matter how fancy or excellent or expensive a solution is, if the users do not or cannot use it then it is a failure. The most important key performance indicator, at the end of the job, is “Is the user happy and comfortable making use of the solution you provided”. Continue reading here