Resume: Albert G. Lotito

Leader, Engineer, Architect: Information Technology
In a world where the ability to see the big picture, to synthesize, is increasingly the difference between success and failure I bring to the table vision, leadership and experience. I have designed, implemented and managed projects ranging from application entitlement systems to enterprise class monitoring systems. I have a solid foundation as a programmer, database designer, and system integrator with recognized expertise as a leader and presenter. I bring decades long experience working with technology, personally and professionally and carry with me a core set of knowledge and skills honed by many successful engagements in the Information Technology field. I will use my experience, knowledge, vision and intuition to ensure success and increasing excellence in your organization while balancing your user’s needs, organizational constraints, risk, and value added.

Leadership, Vision, Enterprise Architect, Capacity Planning, Performance Management, System Management, Developer, Systems Engineer, Host & Application Monitoring, Vendor Management, ITIL Foundations Certified

Professional Experience

Pocono PC Pro, Tobyhanna, PA, May 2008 - Present


Small business and residential computer services.

Writing of Educational Material for Spanish Reader, Student Edition (Texas, 2011Curriculum edition textbooks)

Translation of 6 grade reading textbook teachers’ edition (California, 2011Curriculum edition textbooks)

Translation of 4 grade math textbook teachers’ edition

MORGAN STANLEY, New York, NY, May 1997 – April 2008

Vice President, Team Leader, Product Manager, Infrastructure Engineer, Enterprise Monitoring, Enterprise Management

Project Manager and Architect for enterprise monitoring and management. Responsibilities span Windows (server and workstation), Solaris & Linux. Managed a team of 7 ( 2 developers, 1 infrastructure engineer, 2 server operations heads, 2 offshore level-1 support heads) to design, implement, and support core host and custom application monitoring and performance analysis. Use a variety of tools including Microsoft Operations Manager, BMC Patrol, Mercury BAC, ISM, Netcool Omnibus, and a variety of homegrown specialty monitors and collectors. Deeply involved in application packaging and workstation/server management and inventory along with global standards setting for all application install activities.

MOM 2000, MOM 2005, SCOM, Mercury BAC, Mercury SiteScope, Citrix Edgesight, MS-SQL 2000, IIS, VB, VBScript, C#, Windows Server and Workstation, RedHat, Solaris


Assumed ownership of an underperforming Windows monitoring infrastructure (MOM 2000) servicing 6,000 hosts. Reengineered key components reducing alert latencies. Refocused team, implemented custom management packs and upgraded all components to current versions (MOM 2005) resulting improved customer service and higher customer satisfaction. Member of MOM TAP Program.

Enterprise Monitoring:

Worked with the business units to understand and codify their monitoring requirements. Performed a market analysis and determined that BMC Patrol would offer the best solution for the major part of our needs. Collaborated with BMC; recently completed the proof of concept, and started the planning stages of the deployment.


Designed and implemented a software suite to collect and process Windows server performance data to our capacity-planning infrastructure. This suite collects grooms and delivers data from six thousand servers daily to our capacity-planning infrastructure.

Citrix Edgesight Enterprise-Wide Deployment:

Worked with business units and vendor to deploy an enterprise wide monitoring infrastructure for 50,000 workstations. Worked with content developers to create custom training materials. Engaged business unit leaders to ease adoption and demonstrate how to use the collected data to improve uptime and reduce costs, and identify & resolve persistent software and hardware failures.


Organized and managed a center of excellence (team of 5) to deploy BAC and SiteScope for monitoring for specific LOB applications. Utilized SiteScope, BPM’s, Load Runner scripts, and dashboards to understand the behavior of multi-tier application and user experience. Managed development of a suite of RFB tests for several global infrastructures.

Software Asset Management Database:

 Designed an infrastructure to collect data from a variety of sources to better understand and control our software license expenditures. Lead team in the implementation of the collection, correlation and reporting aspects of the infrastructure leading to savings of millions of dollars annually.


Designed and implemented an application entitlement allowing trading desks to control access to business critical UNIX applications on Windows workstations. This system offered the business managers a single point of management and control enabling real time access control to the trading platforms running in Exceed allowing them to decommission thousands of Solaris workstations.

Application Packaging:

Packaged applications for global distribution. Packing involved analyzing application install from vendor using snapshots and analyzing applied changes to ensure that DLL conflicts were minimized and that registry changes were non-toxic. After analysis we would sanitized the install and repackage the install using a variety of home grown (GO) and “off the shelf” solutions ( SMS Installer, MSI, VBS, VB etc). In addition we integrated the install process into our home grown global asset management system ( Active View (SQL Server and IIS)). Using our Go system we would also manage all the ‘personality’ and environmental settings on all windows workstations and servers as well as inventory all applications, patches and other custom queries. Eventually we developed the global standards to enable the outsourcing of the packaging process.

SYSTRON INC., New York, NY, October 1993 – May 1997

Network Manager

Novell, Windows NT, Windows 3.x, ProComm

Chemical Bank:

Network administrator for the Global Securities business on Novell 3.12. Also designed and implemented a BCP plan for the Server and Workstation environment.

Lever Brothers:

Novell Network manager for Lever Brothers (NYC). Also planned and executed a Novell 3 to Novell 4 network migration. Managed Backups using netbackup and tape libraries.

SOFT-COM, New York, NY, September 1985 - August 1989

Lead Developer

DEC RSX-11, DEC VMS, OS/2, Windows 3.x, DR Con-Dos, QEMM, Oregon Scientific Pascal, DEC DTR-11, DEC BASIC, MT-Assembler, MT-Pascal

Softcom Scout: Lead developer for Soft-Com Scout.  Worked with IBM-PC AT’s and PDP-11s, using various versions of BASIC and Pascal using DEC Datatrieve and flat files as a data store.

Languages: English, Spanishraph here.

​ Albert's Pocono PC Services

Here is an introduction letter I often use followed by my long and boring resume.

Professional Introduction

You would not trust your valuables to a stranger and there is no reason for you to trust your business and personal computers to an unqualified amateur.  So let me introduce myself and make clear several points: I am a reliable, qualified and professional.

I have been working with computers personally and professionally since 1977. I have worked in many types of business ranging from mom and pop shops to the Fortune 50 companies and through it all I have been guided by a simple group of ideas.

No matter how fancy or excellent or expensive a solution is, if the users don’t or can’t use it then it is a failure.

Just like a driver does not need to understand internal combustion engines to drive a car, computer users should not have to be concerned with how a computer works to use them.
For each task there is an appropriate tool and sometimes the best tool is a computer.

Set expectations appropriately. If the users do not know what they want the computer to do and do not have realistic expectations then there is no way to have a successful outcome
Listen first. If you cannot hear the user then your software will not address his needs.

Working from these fundamental ideas makes me the professional you want on your team. As you will see from my résumé (below) my expertise is based on knowledge and experience. I have a proven track record of successful outcomes. In addition, as you will find out by checking my references (available upon request), I am reliable, successful and my customers are satisfied and continue to call me with new needs, and projects.

Best Regards,
Albert G. Lotito.